Your Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Diet While Traveling

As the summer approaches, you find that you are at odds with yourself. While you want to maintain a healthy diet and keep up with your good eating habits, you’re also eager to explore the foods that your traveling destinations have to offer. Instead of falling too far to either extreme, seek to create a balance that still keeps healthy eating at the forefront.


Read Menus Before

Thshutterstock_286740578e unknown is one of the most frightening factors when you’re trying to maintain a diet on a trip. You may find yourself in restaurants that do not have any healthy options available. Instead of allowing yourself to get into this situation, read menus for area restaurants before hand. That way, you can walk in with a sense of confidence that healthy options exist. Instead of scanning the entire menu and allowing temptation to creep in, immediately move your eyes to the parts of the menu with healthy foods. I found this little online gem that shows you a list of popular restaurants and the nutritional information of their menu items (too bad they don’t have this for mom & pop restaurants; who wants to eat at a chain while traveling?).


Bring Your Own Snacks When Possible

Embarking on a journey into the unknown also means that snacks and treats from vendors will tempt you. Some tourist attractions proscribe you from bringing your own food into the venue, so make sure that you eat a healthy meal before you go. In the event that outside food is allowed, make sure you are stocked up with vegetables, fruits and other healthy options. By the time you walk past the hot dog stand, you’ll be filed with healthy foods to the point that the smell does not even try to draw you in.


Maintain High Levels of Energy

When you are on vacation, you likely have a great many spots that you want to visit. While you and your traveling partners will absorb the history, culture and joys of the area, you will also likely experience a decrease in energy from all of this activities. Some are tempted into fighting off the lethargy with sugar-packed foods, but you know better. Instead, implement a variety of health supplements / meal replacement to enhance your workout routine. Find one that’s right for you by exploring the many benefits of creatine, BCAA’s, whey protein, and more.

Choose Accommodations with Kitchens

shutterstock_391053622By staying at a hotel, motel or other type of accommodation without a kitchen, you are at the mercy of whatever restaurants are available in the area. Staying in an urban environment will still likely provide you with an allowance for healthy options, but that is not always the case. If you do not see any healthy restaurants or choices in the area where you are staying, consider opting for a house rental, apartment rental or other type of space that has a kitchen. When you cook your own meals, you have a greater deal of control over what goes into your body.

Give Yourself a Break

You do not want to lose complete control of yourself while you are on vacation; however, that doesn’t mean you must entirely avoid indulging. If you never give yourself the opportunity to have a treat, you might find yourself gorging on unhealthy food at the end of the trip because you want to take it all in. Have a plan in place though. Decide that you are going to have just one margarita when out on the town or that you will share a dessert with your partner on only one night of the trip.

Have Travel Snacks

shutterstock_142111777Whether you are traveling by plane or in the car, you may very well feel hunger kick in during the journey. With all of the rest stops on the major roads, stopping for some fast food is certainly tempting. Even if you go to a large rest area, the healthy options might be at a minimum. Packing snacks for the car is a good idea, and you may even be able to convince the people with whom you are traveling that eating right is a good idea.

Keep Your Motivation Nearby

On vacation, it is easy to say that you are just going to forgo all of your diet habits. One of the reasons that it is so easy is because you don’t have your usual team of supporters or your usual motivation nearby. Text your gym buddies once in awhile if you feel like you’re caving in to get some inspiration from there, or keep a picture of that dress or bathing suit that you want to fit into on your phone so that you can look at it when unhealthy foods are calling out to you.

Maintaining a healthy diet when you are on a trip is difficult, but it’s not impossible. Keep in mind that having a plan and checking out the options before you leave on your trip are important parts of the process.


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