Winter Games at Brenton Skating Plaza

Have you ever wondered how the winter sport of curling came to be?

I picture the sport’s origins as something like this: It’s winter and it’s cold. It’s the 16th century and a Scottish fella is wearing a kilt. He is told by his better half to clean up a pile of rocks lingering outside and to sweep up after himself. So, he does just that. Using the first rock as target practice, he slides the next down an icy path as close as he can get it and uses his broom for full effect. The whole village comes out to watch and before he knows it, he’s a national hero who ensured gold medals for folks who love to sweep up outside in the dead of winter.

I assume that’s not how it happened. But when you get engrossed during the Winter Olympics and you realize six hours has passed watching curling, your mind does tend to wander.

The Winter Olympics is an added bonus to winter entertainment every four years and I love finding a reason to get behind it. Fortunately, Brenton Skating Plaza in Downtown Des Moines (DSM) is hosting the Winter Games.

It will be an opportunity for the whole family to embrace the season and cheer on Team USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Produced by the Greater Des Moines Partnership, the free event is being held Feb. 9-10 kicking off with an Opening Ceremonies Watch Party, fireworks show, a winter sports playground, demonstrations, contests and overall cool fun.

Former Olympian, Jean Racine Prahm, who competed in the 2002 and 2006 Olympic Games, will be onsite to greet guests and showcase a bunch of bobsledding equipment. Have you ever met a real-life Olympian before? Me neither.  

Once everyone has worked up an appetite ice skating with glow sticks, there will be food trucks on hand.

There’s also an opportunity to learn how to play curling. No kilts required.  

What a great excuse to make the most of the incredible amenities Downtown has to offer this time of year and get into the spirit of the Games beginning with the Winter Games Watch Party!

Top 10 reasons to attend the Winter Games:

  • It’s free!
  • Meet Olympians
  • Heated tent
  • Opening Ceremonies Watch Party
  • Food trucks
  • Fireworks
  • Live music
  • Glow ice skating
  • Curling & Broomball
  • Figure skating demonstrations

About the Author

Colleen Murphy, Downtown Events Director with the Greater Des Moines Partnership


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