Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life at the Science Center of Iowa!

It is that time of year! If you have kiddos still at home, you may be beginning to visit the Science Center of Iowa a lot more with the Fall and Winter months rolling in!

The Science Center has some exciting news and a fun exhibit coming that will keep you and children of all ages busy. Wild Music: Sounds & Songs is a must-see and will open on October 1st!

Wild Music (square)

Go on an adventure and learn about the music that surrounds you every day. No need for Pandora or Spotify, CD’s or the radio, learn about the every day sounds you hear in the environment around you.

Take a look at three different soundscapes which include the ocean, the forest, and the city. Learn why whales cry, look at different instruments from around the world, learn how music travels underwater and much more!

Forest Area 2 300 dpi

Enjoy the Jamming Room! This room is a great place practice your own music. This room is a soundproof studio where there are pre-recorded audio soundscapes, animal voices, and live vocals that you can use to compose your own songs.

Ocean Deeps2

The Bioacoustic Lab is another great play to explore and learn. You can experiment how the human voice works and how it compares to other animals in our environment. You can use an electrolarynx to “speak” without using your actual voice. You can also use a set of vibrating metal reeds to “feel” sound!

The Power of Sound and Music Theatre is where you can sit back and enjoy sounds from all over the world. You will learn how animals use sound to identify themselves, and communicate with those species around them.

Envrionments View

The Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life will be at the Science Center until May 29th, 2017. Plenty of time to visit this fun exhibit more then once!

This exhibit is a part of your Science Center of Iowa admission.



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