Walker Johnston Park – A Slide Lover’s Paradise


Does your kiddo like to slide?  Then you might want to check out Walker Johnston Park in Urbandale.  I heard that the park had a brand new new giant slide that leads down to a swing area and I had to take the kids there to check it out.  Not only does the park boast the two giant slides, but there are also plenty of other slides to choose from.  I will have to admit I did take a turn down the giant slide (Hey my kids were begging me to try it) and it was a bit bumpy on this old man.  The only downfall of the big slide is the walk back up the hill to the top, which was currently mostly dirt since it was just put in.  But none the less my kids enjoyed it.  Along with the assortment of slides there are also 4 regular swings, 2 baby swings and a tire swing to keep everyone happy.  So the next time your kiddos wants to slide you might just want to check out Walker Johnston Park.








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