How You Can Get Involved with Dress For Success

How You Can Get Involved with Dress For Success

Picture it: you apply for a job at every store, gas station and office for weeks, and finally land an interview. You’re excited, but immediately terrified because you have nothing to wear! We’re not talking the “full closet of stuff you don’t like” kind of nothing but literally nothing. What do you do?

This scenario is true life for many women in the Des Moines area who have had tough life experiences (like single moms, victims of violence, immigrants, etc.)  but who are trying to make things better by getting a reliable job! 

Luckily for women in the Des Moines area, they have Dress for Success, a boutique charity that’s ready to set them up with free business clothes and support so they show up to that interview ready to impress.    

If you’ve never heard of Dress for Success let’s start with their mission: they work to “empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.” How great is it that! Since its start in 2011, the organization has served 2,500 women who are supporting more than 5,000 children in the Des Moines area.  

And this is an organization that is volunteer, and donation driven which means YOU can literally help change the lives of women in our community, here’s how.   


Are your friends always complimenting you on your style or your organizational skills? If so, you’d make the perfect personal stylist or clothing sorter for Dress for Success! If you’re into graphic design, fundraising or public speaking they could use your skills too. And the women being served also need help with resume writing, mock interviews, and overall career development; it doesn’t matter what career field you’re in, your experience can help set these women up for success.  

To find out more about volunteering, click here. 

Clothing Donations

To provide clothing to women in need, Dress for Success relies on you to donate gently used professional attire that you’ve worn within the last two years. They are always in need of black pants, black blazers, black cardigans, and trendy blouses. Also, clothing sizes 14 and up and shoes 9W and up. 

While accepting donations is currently paused, they will be ready to take them soon, keep an eye on their website for updates. 

Financial Donations

Your money is literally what keeps the doors open, lights on, and Des Moines area women served through Dress for Success. All programs and services offered are free to the client, including a $10 gas card or bus tokens to remove any barriers she may face to getting to the interview. The money also helps purchase clothing if it’s needed in a specific size that hasn’t been donated. 

All donations stay in Des Moines and help support our community, and a small staff of four women who are dedicated to the mission. To donate, click here

Not quite ready?

Even if you’re not ready to jump in with donations or volunteering yet, make sure you do follow Dress for Success on Instagram and Facebook @dressforsuccessdesmoines to keep up on their inspiring stories and watch how they’re constantly growing and improving what they’re offering women in the Des Moines area. 

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