Vinegar Produce Wash

Now that we’ve hit summer and are reaching prime farmers market and fruit and vegetable time, I’ve been thinking more about implementing a produce wash into our routine. I’ve seen vinegar produce washes come up on several blogs and I’ve been intrigued by them. White vinegar is cheap and is always something that I have on hand. Dumping a little into a bowl of water and then throwing my fruit in the bowl is something that this busy momma can handle. I saw on one blog that a water/vinegar wash can kill up to 98% of bacteria and remove pesticides. While they didn’t site specific research or findings, I can’t help but think that this vinegar-water rinse is better than my previous quick wash under tap water. That, combined with ease of use, was enough to convince me that this was an easy step to make our lives a bit healthier. There are times when I don’t have access to great all-natural produce (or I can’t afford it – why does this automatically make me feel like less of a mom?) and I worry about what “other” things we might be consuming.

I used my gigantic red “Thatsa Bowl” from Tupperware. I dumped in a ¼ of a cup of white vinegar and then added my grapes, strawberries, apples and blueberries. Next I filled the remainder of the bowl with cold water and let everything sit for around 20 minutes before I drained out all the water and then rinsed the contents with cold water. Couldn’t be easier and I was surprised by how scummy the vinegar water was afterwards. This is definitely something that I’ll be doing again in the future with all my produce – cheap and easy – my favorite combination!

My farmer husband thinks I’m a bit nuts because he thinks this wash is an unnecessary step. But because I care deeply, he goes along with it. That and because a vat of vinegar costs like a dollar. 🙂


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