Top 5 Parks to Visit this Spring

Central Iowa is blessed with some amazing parks! If you are like me and have been cooped up all Winter, you are ready to do some exploring. Check out these fun and unique parks in Central Iowa.


1. Colby Park; 6900 School Street, Windsor Heights

Colby Park is nestled behind the Walmart and in a residential neighborhood in Windsor Heights. There are a lot of slides and two separate playgrounds to play on. There are also tons of swings, items to sit and bounce on, and a climbing wall.

One of my favorite features is the Walnut Creek Trail leads into the park. If the kids get tired of playing, taking them on a nature walk along the trail. The Windsor Height Community Center is also located in the park and provides nice bathrooms during in season months.


2. Pirate Cove Park; 2155 3rd Ave SW, Altoona

This is the perfect park for children to use their imaginations. If you have a little one who loves pirates, make sure you take them to Pirate Cove Park in Altoona. The main feature of the park, is the giant pirate ship shaped playground in the center. It even has a little “plank” for the kids to walk out on.

There is also another larger playground available which provides tons of climbing walls, slides, and bridges. There is also a huge green hill that the kids will enjoy running or rolling down. The park does not have much shade, so I would recommend checking it out now before the heat of summer rolls in.

3. Walker-Johnston Park; 9000 Douglas Ave; Urbandale

Walker- Johnston Park has tons of fun features and you could spend an entire day there! Our kids refer to this park as the “slide park”. They have a huge slide that is incorporated into the hill that children can go down. The playground right next to it also has tons of slides.

The highlight of the park is the Storywalk.  As you walk around the cute little pond (with an awesome, walk-out dock), you can read a story. Every few weeks the city of Urbandale changes out the story. It keeps the kids engaged and moving at the same time!



4. Dewey Park; 5225 NW 64th Place, Johnston

This is another park that is nestled in a quiet neighborhood. I never knew it existed until I met up with some other moms for a play date. Now, it is one we visit frequently!

Dewey Park consists of two playgrounds. There is one play area that is designated for toddlers. The climbing equipment is smaller and the ground is full of tire mulch. There are swings, horses, and cars to sit and bounce on, and even a cute little clubhouse. The other play area has a lot of equipment to climb on and is very high! Of course, Monte is all over climbing up on the big playground. There is even a rock climbing wall!

The park also has a huge field for running. This is also a great place to fly a kite because there are few trees in the field area.

There is a cute pond, with tons of fish and a wooden playground hidden in the trees. Pack a lunch and spend the day exploring!

5. Jester Park; 11407 NW Jester Park Drive; Granger

I consider Jester Park a four seasons park for sure! There is something to see and do all year round, including Spring. Of course, there are tons of hiking trails and exploring to do. One of our favorite features is the natural playscape towards the back. I think most parents’ think of it as a Summer activity due to the splash pad, but the area is open all year round.  There is a fun sand area, you can check out the bison, build with the wooden blocks and more.


Check out all of our favorite parks here!


Erin Huiatt

Erin is a reliable resource and stepping stone for women and families to find support and make connections within our community. She wants families to feel confident to reach out and ask for help and advice to get pointed in the right direction. She enjoys traveling and exploring with her two children in tow!

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