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Top 3 Apps YOU Need for Back to School


Top 3 Apps YOU Need for Back to School

Top 3 Apps to Keep You Organized

I cannot believe school starts in about 2 weeks! Seriously? Where has the Summer gone?!

As a mother to two little ones, I have not had to deal with the whole back-to-school chaos. I do know, that it can be a little overwhelming and stressful until you get a set routine down!

Ever since I was little, attending school through college, I always felt like back-to-school was a time to make “New Years Resolutions”! You get new stuff,  your children start new classes, new sports, your schedule has to change all over again, and YOU need to get organized! I have came across some AWESOME apps to help keep you a priority during the beginning of the new school year and organized!

1. Wunderlist

Love this app! This app is not only on my phone, but syncs to my laptop as well. I use this app to keep myself organized with both my blogs, things I need to get done, etc. You can also schedule reminders! It’s a great place to create grocery lists as you go throughout the week. When you run out of milk or cheese, grab your phone, mark it down, so the next time you are out you won’t forget what you need! You can also share your lists with others and work on checking them off together!

Download here! FREE!

2. Productive

Running your kids to school, to sports, grocery shopping, and all what else life brings … you forget to drink water, take your vitamins, exercise, etc. Productive is an app where you can plan your habits. Put down you want to hit the gym 5-days a week. When you do it, mark it off! The app keeps track how frequently you complete a habit. You an also set reminders! So if it’s almost noon and you have a goal to drink 32 ounces of water before noon, your alarm goes off … grab the water! This app is there to make sure you do not forget to make yourself a priority!

Download here! You can schedule 5 FREE habits, after 5 it is a $3.99 one time fee!

3. Family Calendar

We all have iPhone’s in our family so we take advantage of the “Family Calendar”. When you add an appointment, the other people on the network are notified and it appears on their phone’s too! It is a great way to keep everyone in the loop with what is going on. There are several types of calendars like this out there. Here are a few …


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