Thoughts of Christmas in August – Hallmark Ornaments

Thoughts of Christmas in August – Hallmark Ornaments

The Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dream Book finally made it into the Brogan house this past week.  I found it sitting on the counter when I got home from work.  I opened it up to check it out and my son and daughter had already circled multiple ornaments that they want.  But wait, it’s only August I thought to myself.  It’s way too early to be thinking about Christmas ornaments.  Right?  Well, those thoughts quickly vanished as I thumbed thru the pages.  I slowly got caught up in the spirit when I saw some of the new ornaments out this year that tickled my fancy.  Of course being a Star Wars Nerd I was pleased to see a motion activated Yoda Claus that gives a warning to would be present peekers.  And of course my kiddos found lots of fun kids ornaments that “they have to have”.  Sure to be a hit this winter will be Elsa and Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen.  At least the Elsa ornament doesn’t sing “Let it Go”, because I don’t really need to hear it any more than I already do.  Anywho, this year’s collection has a little bit of everything for each family member.  You can order some of them now on the Hallmark website or check out your local Hallmark store at Jordan Creek or Valley mall.








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