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One of the most annoying things when your baby or young toddler gets a cold is their inability to blow their own nose.  Lacking this skill, the snot stays stuck in the nasal passages causing discomfort, lack of breathing and can lead to ear infections.  So what can you do?  Running a tissue across the outside of the nose isn’t going to help the snot stuck up inside.  You may have received the red bulb syringe at the hospital when your baby was born or purchased something similar in hopes of manually sucking out the snot, but these are frustrating and the amount of snot you get out is minimal.  What other options are there?  This was where I was at until while wondering around at Walgreen’s waiting for a prescription I found the Graco Nasal Aspirator.  My first thought was a snot vacuum?  That sounds pretty cool and it only costs $20.00.  After lack of sleep from the latest cold I would have paid $50.00 for a solution to the snot.  So I decided to give it a try and buy it.

When I first showed it to my little one year old daughter she seemed intrigued.  That was of course until I tried to stick it in her nose.  She fussed and shook her head and didn’t want any part of it.  Hmmmmm.  Oh yeah, the music button!  The package said the aspirator plays 12 different baby tunes.  So I hit the button and the relaxing baby melodies started to come out.  What a great distraction!  I used these valuable moments of distraction and was able to get the tip of the aspirator in one of the snot filled nostrils and pushed the suck button.  I was both amazed and grossed out at the same time with the aftermath.  I need to mention that there is a clear container on the bottom of the aspirator that holds the sucked out snot.  It was here where I saw why my daughter was having trouble breathing.  It was starting to fill with thick green snot!  I was able to clear out both nostrils in a matter of 2 minutes.  I repeated this process every couple of hours with great success. 

That was 3 years ago and I still love the Graco Nasal Aspirator.  I have used it on both my young kids when they get colds and the older one will even suck her own nose out with it.  I highly recommend this aspirator to anyone who has kids and wants to suck away the snot!



Thomas Brogan

Thomas Brogan, a native of Des Moines, was the original founder of Des Moines Parent and is a father to an 8 & 10-year-old. In his free time, he likes to explore nature, try new local restaurants and enjoy life as best as he can. Check out more of Thomas at www.broganlist.com.

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