The Kidsperts Fall Activity Guide: Questions & Answers

The Kidsperts Fall Activity Guide: Questions & Answers

The Kidsperts Fall Activity Guide was released last week for purchase and with the release came a lot of questions from interested parties about what the Guides are, how you get them, and how to use them. To make things easy, I thought I’d answer everyone’s questions in one place.


What exactly is the Fall Activity Guide?

The fall activity guide contains 11 weeks of activities for kids of all ages. Each week has a different theme. The themes of the Fall Activity Guide includes: Seasons, Fairy Tales and Fables, Building, Pumpkins, Pets, Halloween, Leaves, Harvest, Apples, Space, and Opinions. Each week has a craft, a sensory activity, an idea for pretend play, an activity or game, a physical activity, a related meal or snack, and books to read with your kids. The guides are designed primarily for kids ages 2 – 6 years of age, but can easily be tweaked to work for slightly older kids or even younger kids. As a caregiver, it’s up to you to decide the child’s abilities and what would work for them.

All of the activities in the Fall Guide have been done with my three kids and the kids at my daycare. In other words, they’ve all been kid approved and loved!


Just a sample of the activities in the guide: learn how to make your own fall sensory bin, create a pet shop (or pet rescue center as we called it), play Pumpkin Bowling in the comfort of your own living room (or hallway or kitchen or wherever you choose), and make a non-messy leaf collage.




Who is the Guide for?

Simply put, the guide is for EVERYONE! Daycare providers? Yep! Stay at home parents? Yep! Home school families? Yep! Parents and grandparents wanting to keep their kids busy? yep! Nannies, aunts, uncles – you name it! The guide contains activities for kids of all ages and is meant to get creative juices flowing for both the adult and kids using the guide. We provide the ideas, but you can build on them and/or do your own thing with the ideas. For those not wanting to do their own thing with the Guides, it also gives step by step instructions for every activity. The guide is ideal for parents, grandparents, nannies, and any caregivers who want easy and fun ways to engage their children. Some activities are meant or best for more than one child, but again, the guide can be tweaked to fit your needs.

How do you get the guide?

Visit our Shop section on the webpage to purchase the guide. Once payment goes through, the guide will then be emailed to you. From there you’ll have 24 hours to download the guide to your computer/tablet/etc. You can print it out or just keep it on your computer.

A couple of other pointers for using the Guide:

  • You will need to go shopping for the supplies for each week. Most of the supplies are things you may already have around the house: flour, food coloring, paint, markers, etc. The Guide also has a list of things you will need for each activity. It’s shopping made easy!
  • The guides are centered around learning through play. Sensory play, fine motor skills, make-believe, and more!

Already have the Guide and want to give us some feedback? Or, do you have other questions not touched upon in this post? Please email info@thekidsperts.com or leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help you out! Be on the lookout on our Facebook page for some great giveaways and contests involving the Fall Guide!

GUESS WHAT?! The Kidsperts is giving Des Moines Parent readers a HUGE discount! Use the code dsmparent at check out and the guide will be only $10! I cannot wait to download my guide and check it all out!

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