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The Importance of Time Away for Parents

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The Importance of Time Away for Parents

Time Away from Kids

This past weekend my husband and I took our first weekend away from our son who is almost two years old. We’ve been on money-saving mode and this was the first that we really felt like it would be okay to have this getaway.

Going away for a weekend was something that I was both looking forward to and something that I worried about too. Would Lucan be sad when he realized we were gone? Would my parents be able to keep up with our busy toddler? Would Lucan throw one of his notorious tantrums? Would Lucan refuse to eat? Would we miss Lucan like crazy? All of my concerns turned out to be silly. According to my parents, Lucan didn’t seem to mind one bit that we were gone and only got upset when my mom took his cell phone from him. (Lucan has one of my old cell phones that he loves playing with. He tried to take it to bed with him for nap time.) He ate like a horse and tried to convince my mom that he needed two bananas for his bedtime snack (he normally doesn’t get ANYTHING for a bedtime snack!) Yes, my parents were tired by the end of the weekend, but overall my fears were unfounded. We missed our ferocious Lucan hugs, but Lance and I had a great weekend by ourselves.

I think that it’s easy to get lost in the role of being “mom” or “dad” and forget the couple you were before kids. A weekend getaway gave Lance and I the chance to reconnect and remind us why being “us” is so great. We didn’t do anything wild and crazy or go on some huge global adventure. We slept in late, drank coffee, didn’t worry about nap times or argue about whose turn it was to pick up Lucan’s mealtime mess. We talked in long, uninterrupted streams of conversation. All in all, it was a perfect, low-key, child-free weekend.

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