Unique Yoga Experiences in Des Moines

Unique Yoga Experiences in Des Moines, Iowa Yoga has become a popular activity for all ages. Yoga is the perfect way to unwind, move and really connect with yourself. I have loved how many yoga experiences have been popping up in Des Moines. They are perfect for all ages and add a little fun for […]

The Best Yoga Poses for Kids

It is no secret that kids need yoga now more than ever.  In our technology and screen-focused world, yoga provides many benefits that kids might have difficulty receiving elsewhere. Physically, yoga enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Mentally, it improves the sense of calmness, concentration, and relaxation. Introducing children to yoga at an early […]

Pop Up Yoga DSM + Des Moines Parent

I am so excited to announce that Pop Up Yoga DSM and Des Moines Parent have teamed up this summer to offer two Kids Yoga Classes. Pop Up Yoga DSM was created by Emily Boyd and Julia Dellitt, who are two local yoga instructors who had a vision to bring free yoga to our community. […]

Five Ways to Cure Kids’ Cabin Fever with Yoga

Cold weather during the winter months can keep kids cooped up inside. It is important for kids to move and be active during these winter months. Physical activity helps stimulate those happy endorphins and keeps your body healthy and strong. So next time your kids have been cooped up and need to burn off some […]