Sweet and Simple Easter Traditions for Kids

Sweet and Simple Easter Traditions for Kids

Are you looking for some new ways to celebrate the season? Read on for some sweet and simple Easter traditions for kids that you can start with your family…

When your kids think back on their time growing up, don’t you want them to remember all those family holidays you made so special? Speaking from experience, I can tell you that happy memories like those will keep you warm at night when you’re adulting.

And, truthfully, you don’t have to be a full-on Pinterest parent to instill fun and festive holiday traditions. To show you just what I’m talking about, I am going to share some of my favorite sweet and simple Easter traditions for kids today.

You just might come away with one or two Easter tradition ideas that you want to share with your family too!

10 Family Easter Traditions Kids Will Love

I know Easter is nearly here, but there is still plenty of time to test out some new traditions! I guarantee you will have some very happy kiddos on your hands if you do.

Trust me, I am not interested in complicated crafts or activities any more than you are. If ever there was a time for stress-free holiday ideas, this is it! 

I promise that  all of these sweet and simple Easter traditions for kids can be put into action relatively easily….

  1. Pick up some cute Easter books, stack them on your kids’ nightstands and let them pick out a new title each night to read during the week leading up to Easter Sunday.
  2. Have a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. You can hide eggs in your yard, covered porch or even inside the house, it just needs to be dark. And all you do is put glow-in-the-dark necklaces or bracelets inside plastic eggs.
  3. Make rice crispy bird’s nest treats. A little shredded coconut and jelly beans turn regular old rice crispy treats into the cutest Easter desserts!
  4. “Egg” your neighbor. It’s as much fun as the “You’ve Been Elfed,” Christmas tradition. Put together a sweet little Easter basket with a note that lets them know they’ve been egged, so hopefully it will snowball into all your neighbors egging each other!
  5. Create an Easter candy board together. Instead of charcuterie, layout bowls of your family’s favorite candy to arrange on your board. Peeps are a must of course! 
  6. Watch an Easter movie together. Our favorite is Hop! Don’t forget to serve up those rice crispy bird’s nest treats or your Easter candy board for a festive movie snack!
  7. Use washi tape to create cool designs when you dye your Easter eggs. Wherever the tape is a white stripe will remain when you remove it. We love using washi tape to make chevron designs on our eggs!
  8. Have an extra-special seasonal breakfast by creating Easter-themed pancake art. You can freehand it with a squeeze bottle or use a pancake mold.
  9. Look up your local bakeries to find one that’s selling an Easter cookie or cupcake decorating kit. We started doing these at Christmas and it was a big hit with the kids. Plus, there is WAY less cleanup than when you bake! 
  10. Make an Easter egg countdown garland. String plastic easter eggs on some yarn to hang in your kids’ rooms and remove an egg every day until you reach the day before Easter.  Don’t forget to put a special surprise on that last egg!

How to Make Easter More Fun for Kids

So, how many new Easter traditions for kids are you ready to try with your family this year? Hopefully you found at least one!

And don’t worry…There are plenty more ways to have Easter fun with your kids if you go through all these. 

You could plant a lollipop garden with jelly beans, paint Easter egg-colored rocks, or even use shaving cream to dye some more super unique Easter eggs!

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