Summer Reading 2016 in Central Iowa

Summer Reading 2016 in Central Iowa

There are TONS of fun, exciting reading programs happening in Central Iowa this Summer. Each library (PBS and Barnes & Noble included) are offering great reading challenges for children, teens and even adults. The more you and your children read and participate the more you win. You can even win FREE books.

Summer Reading


The Fizz Boom Read Summer Reading Program starts in June and the library is excited to host Blank Park Zoo at the Kick off program in June. Adel Public Library are busily planning all kinds of exciting events and activities for each of the four age groups; babies, kids, teenagers, and adults. Sign-ups for all Summer Reading programs begins on May 31st.


Summer Reading Kick-Off party is Tuesday, May 24th! Make your calendars! Come out to the Altoona Library to learn all about this summer’s Reading program. You can sign -up and learn about fun events and activities the library will be hosting this summer.

Check out the Adult Summer Reading program here!

Ankeny (Kirkendall) 

Beginning June 7th you can sign-up and start the Ankeny Summer Reading Program! Check out their event calendar for fun events and activities they will be hosting all summer long.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Triathlon 

Your kids can earn a FREE book. The Triathlon Opening Ceremonies begins Saturday, June 4th! Fill out this reading journal. You will create your own triathlon by picking 3 of the 4 “events” to read and answer. When you have completed the events, bring your journal to Barnes & Noble and you will earn a FREE book!


On Your Mark, Get Set, Read & Get in the Game

Recommended for toddlers through 10-year- olds. This is the self-paced portion of the summer reading program. Soon-to-be readers, readers and advanced readers can pick up a journal page at the children’s desk and start reading to earn prizes. Only one page can be turned in each day. Do not forget the big pool party at the end of the program on August 6th at the Clive Aquatic Center!

Des Moines

Sign up for the 2016 Summer Reading program starting June 1st! Kids ages birth to 18 can sign up at any location, or you can choose any program here! You will also not want to miss all of the fun events, activities and story times being offered at all of the Des Moines Public libraries this summer. Mark your calendars!


Get in the Game. Read.

From the very young to the seasoned veterans, we have a reading program for you! Completing the reading log gives you the chance to win the very best Summer Reading prizes around. Stop in anytime on or after June 1 to pick up a reading log and a calendar of events.

But, summer is so much more than just reading. In honor of the Summer Olympics, our theme this year is about sports, health, and exercise. Get in the game! Exercise your mind: Read! and On your mark, Get Set, Read! are a few of the phrases you will hear around the Library come June.

We have dozens of activities planned this summer to keep you entertained, engaged, and healthy. Check it all out here!


Children from age 0 to 11 years old will read for 28 days to complete their reading challenge game board.Your goal is to read — or be read to — for at least 20 minutes for 28 days (days do not have to be consecutive). After every 7 days, you get to choose a prize. After 28 days, you win one of our free summer book prizes. Check here for a bonus round and information about prizes!  May 31st is the first day you can pick up your reading log. July 30th is the last day to collect your prizes. Don’t miss the summer reading pool party on August 1st!!


On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

Begin picking up your reading logs on June 6th! You can read to earn free ice cream, I-Cubs tickets, books and more! The library will also be hosting fun event and activities this summer to keep you involved. Check out all the fun here!

PBS Summer Reading Challenge

This program look awesome! PBS Kids has teamed up with I Can Read for the I Can Readathon. Choose a level, choose your books and there are printable materials to continue the education after reading the book! This site is full of fun activities!

Pleasant Hill

On Your Marks, Get Set, Read!

The Pleasant Hill library program begins June 1st! Not much details have been published yet, but check back here for details.

Polk City

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

Summer reading for all ages starts June 1st at Polk City Public Library. The Adults summer reading program will be June 1st – August 1st and kids, tweens, and teens will be June 13th – July 21st. Check here for all the updates!


On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

  • First Session runs June 5th – July 2nd
  • Second Session runs July 3rd – July 30th

TUMBLERS – (Age 12 months to 2 years) Parents are encouraged to keep track of the days each week that they read to their child.
STRIKERS – (3 to 5 years) Parents are encouraged to keep track of the days each week that their child reads or is read to.
SPRINTERS – (Age 6 to 9 years) A reading program for children who are ready to read longer chapter books. Children keep track of each day they read during the week.
ATHLETES – (Age 10 to 12 years) Tweens can earn a chance to win a prize for each book that they read. After 4 weeks of reading, earn a prize and choose which prize(s) they’d like a chance to win.
OLYMPIANS – (Age 13 to 18 years) Do you read blogs, zines, books or listen to audio books? Teens may read whatever they like this summer. Teens will earn a chance to win a prize each time they read. After 4 weeks of reading, earn a prize and also choose which prize(s) they’d like a chance to win.

The library will also be hosting fun events and activities all summer long. Check out the details here!

Check out the Adult Reading Program too! What a great way to participate with your kiddos!


Begins May 27th and runs through August 1st! They are offering the summer reading program for kids, tweens and adults. You can pick up your reading log from the library and turn it in to win fun prizes.

West Des Moines

Read fun books and keep track in your on your reading log, beginning May 23rd. You need to read at least 10 hours, then you can turn in your reading logs for fun prizes. Sign-up online or at the library for this summer’s reading challenge!

Check out Outdoor Storytimes this summer!

Check out a FREE Storytime at your local library here!


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