Summer Bucket List with the Kiddos


Thoughts of Summer linger at the back of my mind.  In my moments of daydreaming about warm and sunshine here is my bucket list I came up with for my summer with the kiddos.

    1. Visit Jester Park Natural Playscape.
    2. Play at the Spray Ground at American Legion Park.
    3. Go for a walk around Gray’s Lake.
    4. Take a trip to Adventureland and try not to get too dizzy on the Teacups. Click here for discount ticket info.
    5. Get Wild with the Animals at the Blank Park Zoo at least 5 times (Gotta get my money’s worth out of the membership!).
    6. Take the kiddos fishing for the first time.
    7. Draw a family portrait with chalk in the driveway.
    8. Get wet at the Ankeny Splash Park at Prairie Ridge.
    9. Have as many picnic lunches as possible.
    10. Bike.  Bike.  And then bike some more.
    11. A round of Mini-golf at West Grand Golf.
    12. Water Gun/Balloon fight!
    13. Visit Big Creek State Park.
    14. Fly a kite.
    15. Weekend trip to Omaha to visit the zoo and Children’s Museum.
    16. Take the kids to Yo2Go or Menchie’s a few times for Frozen Yogurt.
    17. Stroll Around the Lake District at Jordan Creek and feed the ducks.
    18. Visit the fountains at West Glen. (Update -As 6/29/14 finally turned on)
    19. Enjoy the best BBQ in Des Moines from Woody’s Smoke Shack.
    20. Hit the beach and playground at Raccoon River Park.
    21. At least one trip to Valley View Aquatic Center.
    22. Hit the Iowa State Fair and get some “stick” food.
    23. Check out some Local Farmer’s Markets.
    24. Eat Popsicles outside and get messy!
    25. Sit under the stars and watch Fireworks.
    26. Enjoy some water fun at Ashby Park at the Spraygrounds.
    27. Have a dance party out on the patio.
    28. Collect some fireflies.
    29. Eat fresh watermelon.
    30. Get artsy at the Des Moines Arts Festival.
    31. Ride the Heritage Carousel at Union Park.
    32. Give in to my sweet tooth and treat the kiddos to a cupcake at Scratch Cupcakery.
    33. Visit the Pirate Playground and Sprayground at Columbus Park



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