Stuck Inside? Try These Toddler Crafts

Finding crafts to do with a toddler can be tough.  They don’t quite have the fine motor skills or the coordination to do crafts like older kids. After spending what seems like a never-ending winter cooped up inside I started to get creative to keep my little guy busy. I’ve compiled a short list of some “crafts” that are geared towards toddlers. They might not be something you want to frame, but they will definitely keep the little one entertained and happy! Also, most of these crafts use materials you probably have laying around the house, so no need to worry about running to the store on those cold, snowy days.

  1. Let them paint using edible finger paint. Add a couple drops of food coloring to a shallow bowl of yogurt and lay out a few pieces of paper. Toddlers will inevitably get it on their hands (and so many other places) so this way you don’t worry.
  2. Let them scribble. Completely cover your kitchen table with paper and lay out some crayons. Encourage the kids to scribble away.
  3. Make a collage. Set out various bowls of rice, beans, and anything else you have lying around. If needed, help your toddler apply glue to a paper. Give them a chance to play around with the media and put it where they want.
  4. Make a bird feeder. We all remember them- pine cone bird feeders. Help the little one cover a pine cone with peanut butter then roll it in birdseed. Hang it outside in a place where they can see it.
  5. Paint with cars or truck. Lay out some paper along with some of your child’s favorite vehicles. Using yogurt paint, let them run the truck through and then onto their paper. They will love seeing the tracks!

Hopefully these can help keep your toddler busy while trying to survive the last (hopefully) bit of winter!



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