Stonyfield YoBaby® Yogurt WITH Probiotics + Giveaway!

Stonyfield YoBaby® Yogurt WITH Probiotics + Giveaway!

The one thing that I love about Stonyfield is their persistence in continuing to keep getting better and better. Not only creating better products, but using their impact in the business industry to solve social and environmental problems.  Learn more here!

We have always been huge fans of Stonyfield  YoBaby® yogurt. Amelia who is 2 1/2 still eats it regularly. I love the creative flavors such as banana-mango, blueberry-apple, and peach-pear. Last year Stonyfield announced that Stonyfield YoBaby® yogurt is #1 Pediatrician recommended yogurt for babies between six months and two years old. Not only that, it is the only organic yogurt made especially for your babies.

You would think it couldn’t get much better than that, right? As always, Stonyfield loves to take it a step further to provide the very best. Now, Stonyfield YoBaby® yogurt has added probiotic BB-12®. BB-12® has been shown to have a digestive health benefit on your littles one growing tummies. It promotes regular soft stools and beneficial gut bacteria when it’s consumed regularly.

“Most parents don’t know babies can begin reaping the benefits of yogurt as young as six months,” explains Dr.  Tanya Altmann, MD FAAP. “I recommend feeding Stonyfield YoBaby® daily at this age. It’s a great first food, made with organic whole milk, it delivers Vitamin D and calcium for bone growth, and now added BB-12® to help support digestive health.”

Some other great benefits of Stonyfield YoBaby® products include: 

  • Made with organic whole milk
  • Several unique flavors
  • Also available in an unsweetened formulation
  • Stonyfield is one brand of yogurt with not much sugar, but they are working hard to remove even more added sugar in the rest of the YoBaby® line.

Ready to give the Stonyfield YoBaby® a try?! Enter in to win a FREE YoBaby® swag bag that contains (6) six pack YoBaby® coupons!

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4 thoughts on “Stonyfield YoBaby® Yogurt WITH Probiotics + Giveaway!

  1. My son’s favorite yogurt flavor is vanilla. 🙂

  2. I think they would love peach or mango!

  3. My 18 month old would love the blueberry-apple flavor.

  4. Strawberry

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