Springtime Favorites


This time of year is one of my favorites. After a long winter it is so nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Although it is not warm enough to go to the pool or beach yet, we don’t have to worry about pesky bugs and the sweltering heat. There are so many activities you can do outside with your children in the Springtime. Here are some of our family’s favorites.

  1. Set up a water table outside with toys that kids can get wet. Ice cream buckets and shallow storage tubs work great too. Splashing with toys in the water is a fun and new way for kids to play with their toys. We often add some bubbles to the water for extra fun.
  2. Fly a kite. While younger kids will need some help with this, older kids can mostly do it on their own. Kids loving see how high in the air they can get their kite. Most of our spring days have a nice breeze to them so it’s a perfect time to do this.
  3. Go for a nature walk. This is so easy to do even in your own backyard. Give kids a bucket to gather things they find like sticks, rocks, and pine cones.  It is also a great time to teach your children. Point out birds, squirrels, and other animals. Ask kids different questions about the animals like where they live and what they eat.
  4. Draw with sidewalk chalk. It’s inexpensive and fun. Even little ones can become an artist with a piece of chalk.
  5. Plant flowers or vegetables with your kids. Let them help you pick out different things to plant. Let them get dirty as they help you plant the seeds. Even if you don’t have a garden you can still plant seeds into potted planters. Have children help you tend to them throughout the spring and summer. They will be so excited to see the seed sprout up within a couple weeks.
  6. Let children paint with water outside. Give them a variety of brushes and a couple cups of water. Let them “paint” the concrete ground, wood fences, and even the side of the house with the paint brushes. It will quickly dry and be ready for more.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather while you can. Before we all know it, the scorching days of summer will be here!

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