My Five Favorite Spring Gardening Must-Haves

My Five Favorite Spring Gardening Must-Haves

Are you ready to try your hand at some simple gardening this season? Read on for my five favorite spring gardening must-haves…

I don’t think I have ever looked forward to any spring quite as much as this one. Last year was, to put it mildly, a very long year. I simply can’t wait for the beautiful season of renewal that is soon to arrive!  

I have big plans for spring this year and at the top of my list is lots of gardening. If you too have been itching to grow some produce or herbs of your own, boy do I have some spring gardening must-haves for you.

Below I shared some go-to gardening tools that will hopefully make your beginner gardening goals totally achievable! I don’t know about you, but I am still in making my life easier mode over here…

Beginner Gardening Tools at Amazon

Speaking of making my life easier, I love how I can get nearly everything I need for spring from Amazon Prime and that includes gardening must-haves. So, I made sure that all my gardening tool recommendations could be delivered in a flash!

I tend to wait until the last minute, especially when it comes to my own wants and needs. That’s a mom’s life for you. So, I am thrilled when I can get my whims delivered to me in a couple of days. 

1. Earthbox: This is my favorite gardening first-timer tool because it’s practically fool-proof. It comes with everything you need to grow your plants of choice with minimal maintenance. It was actually invented by a tomato farmer. Tomatoes are my all-time favorite thing to grow, so I knew I had to try out Earthbox when I found that out! Zucchini grows great in it too! It’s the perfect size for two plants which will give you plenty of veggies, or fruit in the tomato’s case, to enjoy all summer long!

2. Garden Tools Set: There is little I love more than convenience and having all the garden tools you need in arm’s reach at all times couldn’t be any more convenient. And I particularly love how this garden bag stands up!

3. Gardening Pad: If you plant or weed for more than a few moments, you will quickly find how tough it can be on your knees. So, I can promise that you will find much use for this knee-saving pad. And at under $20, it will pay for itself in no time. My knees have never been happier! 

4. Tiered Raised Garden Bed: This is a spring gardening must-have for small spaces like apartments. You can plant several different herbs, for instance, without taking up too much space in your balcony, courtyard, etc. I have a decent-sized backyard and I still love it because I can keep all my herbs in one place!

5. Beginner Gardening Book: If you are new to raised-bed gardening, you should read this book. It’s easy to digest and will give you all the tips you need for a successful growing season! There is a reason raised beds are so popular! They’re perfect for beginners. When I grew my first crop, I knew next to nothing. If you’re in the same boat, this book will be so helpful.

Simple Gardening Recipes to Try

Now that you have my favorite spring gardening must-haves to help get you started with your backyard or container gardening ambitions, you will need some new recipes for your gardening spoils!

While our family will often simply throw a dash of salt on our tomatoes and eat them right off the vine, I also love to cook with my garden vegetables whenever I can!

I just know that you will want to as well, so I have included a few delicious gardening recipes for you to try below!


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