Do You Have Spring Fever? Plan Your Garden Now!

Do You Have Spring Fever? Plan Your Garden Now!

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If you like to plan a garden or dream up flower beds, this is the time of year to get started. It’s so fun to dive into the details but it can also feel overwhelming if you’re wanting to hand curate your seed selections to include artisan and or heirloom varieties. Ordering seeds now, ensures you’ll get your favorites before they sell out. 

Before you order, you may want to consider ordering seeds with friends, because if you have a modest garden there are more seeds then you typically have room to grow. Keeping them beyond a year or two can decrease your success rate with germination and who doesn’t love to share anyway?

So what’s the best way to determine what seeds to order?

Some of our greenhouse and garden center friends recommend:
  1. Make a list of your favorite fruits and vegetables to eat, include the ones you always find yourself buying at the grocery store
  2. Make a list of things you can grow that can be preserved.
  3. Make a wish list of things you’ve always wanted to grow, but haven’t.
  4. Now scratch out the items in these lists that you can’t grow in your growing zone.
  5. Make a refined list for your garden.
  6. Grab a garden planning tool, as simple as some graph paper and a planting calendar.
  7. Write out what you want to grow and it’s growing cycle(s).
  8. Map your garden.
  9. Place your seed order.
  10. Read Barbara Kingsolver’s book: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for the first, second, or fifth time to remain inspired between the time from ordering to planting.

Happy planning friends! Oh, and let me know how your garden planning goes in the comments below and we’ll continue this conversation as the month progress toward spring!

Ideas for places to order seeds:


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