Spring Clean with Goddess Garden Perfume

Spring Clean with Goddess Garden Perfume

Goddess Garden Perfume

Disclosure: This post is in sponsorship with Goddess Garden Organics, but all thoughts are my own.

I would like to say that “spring is in the air” but if you are local to Des Moines you know that we have not seen much signs of spring yet. It may be hard to get into the Spring mentality of flowers, starting gardens, walks outside and spring cleaning your home. Let’s ease into spring by starting with the fragrance we choose to wear the Goddess Garden Perfume line.

Goddess Garden Organics, Goddess Garden Perfumes, Organic

When I had my son 6 years ago I stopped wearing perfumes, body sprays and mists. I also became strictly picky about what lotions I used. As a breastfeeding mom, he was on my constantly and it was worrisome to think of him touching and inhaling toxic products. I occasionally would use straight essential oils every now and then, but I never discovered anything I truly trusted and was comfortable using daily.

The problem when it comes to fragrance is the rules regarding fragrance labeling are set up to protect secret recipes of the companies that create them. Companies are able to hide their entire list of ingredients. This includes things like phthalates, petrochemicals, and oxybenzone. Hence why I never felt comfortable wearing anything!

When I heard about Goddess Garden’s new line of perfumes, I was ecstatic! A company I have trusted for years created something new and much needed off their strong two principles, helping the planet and helping people safely.

The Goddess Garden Perfumes are created with essential oils and are free from phthalates and mystery chemicals. They come in five different fragrances. My favorite is the Rainforest. Check the list of very simple ingredients. You apply by rolling on under your ears, wrists or neck. I love how compact they are. I have one located in my purse, makeup bag, car and gym bag.

Goddess Garden Organics, Goddess Garden Perfume

As a super busy mom running kids to school, to activities and running my own business, I must admit I forget to shower occasionally. I love now having an option to apply to freshen up and be ready for the day.

Goddess Garden Organics. Goddess Garden Perfume



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