Spring Bucket List with the Kiddos

Spring Bucket List with the Kiddos


Spring comes rolling around on March 20th this year and I’m ready to say goodbye to Winter.  As I prepare and look forward to the new beginnings of Spring I took a moment to come up with my traditional bucket list with the kiddos for the new season.  Here is my Spring Bucket List with the Kiddos:

  1. Get decked out in green and watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown.
  2. Make some St. Patrick’s Day crafts and snacks.
  3. Take the training wheels of my son’s bike and teach him to ride like a “Big Boy”.
  4. Celebrate Earth Day in Valley Junction.
  5. Do some Earth Day Crafts.
  6. Visit the Butterfly Wing at Reiman Gardens.
  7. Have some Easter fun at the Blank Park Zoo’s Eggstravaganza.
  8. Check out the Family Easter Party at Living History Farms.
  9. Do some fun Easter Crafts.
  10. Spot a rainbow and try to find a pot of gold!
  11. Enjoy the scenery, eat some Dutch Letters and watch the parade at the Pella Tulip Festival
  12. Visit the Jester Park Natural Playscape.
  13. Stroll Around the Lake District at Jordan Creek and feed the ducks.
  14. Plant an indoor garden.
  15. Have a picnic at Raccoon River Park.
  16. Walk barefoot on the grass.
  17. Have some bubble fun.
  18. Fly a kite.
  19. Go puddle jumping
  20. Play outside in the rain.
  21. Go for a family hike at Browns Woods.
  22. Family Trip to the Omaha Zoo and Omaha Children’s Museum.
  23. Play in the dirt.
  24. Take in an Iowa Cubs Game.
  25. Draw a hopscotch board on the sidewalk and show the kids how it’s done.
  26. Head to the local fishing hole and catch one “THIS BIG”.

What’s on our Spring Bucket List with the Kiddos?

Thomas Brogan

Thomas Brogan, a native of Des Moines, was the original founder of Des Moines Parent and is a father to an 8 & 10-year-old. In his free time, he likes to explore nature, try new local restaurants and enjoy life as best as he can. Check out more of Thomas at www.broganlist.com.

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