Sports Snacks: What to Pack!


Sports Snack: What to Pack!

In just a few weeks school will be back in session and so will sports! Whether your child is planning to play flag football, soccer, gymnastics, dance or karate healthy snacks are important.

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It is easy to offer high sugary snacks to our children. They are easy to grab and make it super convenient when we are in a hurry. I have created a list of my go-to healthy snacks for after school, practice or games.

  1. Whole fruit: Bananas, apples or clementines are my favorite. They are easy to grab and throw in my purse or the kid’s sports bags. On the bananas and clementines, write a fun and inspiring message.
  2. Cheese sticks: High in protein and are super easy to throw in the bag as well. My kids enjoy peeling them too!
  3. Applesauce pouches: They are an easy on the go item as well. Find pouches that are unsweetened with no added sugar.
  4. Banana Chips or Apple Chips: I absolutely love the Bare brand. They offer fruit chips. My children love the crunch and they are healthier than chips.
  5. Yogurt tubes: Favorite trick, freeze them! If it’s a hot day out they will not go warm and they are like an ice cream treat. Pick out some that are low in sugar. My favorite brands are Stonyfield and Annie’s Homegrown.
  6. Nut Thins: You can buy individual packs of these or a big box. I love all the different flavors they come in. You can find something sweet (Honey & Cinnamon) or salty (Ranch). If you have a nut allergy on the team, stay clear from this option!
  7. Wheat Thins: These are another great option for a crunchy salt and crunchy snack. No nuts either!
  8. Carrots Sticks: Buy a bag of carrot sticks and then divide them up into individual baggies. These can go great with a peanut butter individual cup or hummus individual cup.

There are many great options for healthier snacks for our children. It is easy to fall into the convenience trap, but with a little preparation, there are some great options!


Erin Huiatt

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    Thank you so much for helping me. As a mom, I agree with this list. I am always trying to make some healthy for my kids. This time I found you with lots of healthy snacks list. I am going to add this in my summer snacks list. Hope, so my kids also love it. If you had more insight, I would much appreciate it.

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