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Spooky Potions Halloween Fun

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Spooky Potions Halloween Fun


What better way to celebrate Halloween month than with some fun with “Spooky” potions.  Your kids will love mixing and pouring and seeing how the potions react with each other.  Plus what kid doesn’t like playing with colored spaghetti?  You can go in a lot of directions with this activity so let the kids have fun and experiment.

Here’s a few things you will need:
-dyed vinegar in tiny bottles and squirters (squirt on baking soda for fizzy fun)
-baking soda
-colored spaghetti – click here to find out how to make
-cornstarch (creates cool cloudy water effects)
-colored salt
-various containers (cauldrons)
-spoons and mixer


Let your kids start out by pouring some of the potions into the bowls


Let them slowly add other stuff.  Use the spray bottles fun of vinegar to create a reaction with the baking soda.  Fizzy fun!


Let the kids dump in the spaghetti!


Mixing in corn starch creates some cool cloudy potion effects!


Colored spaghetti in colored water.  Not good to eat, but fun to play with!


You might want to do this activity outside or in the garage.  Can get a bit messy!


This is one time when feet in food is acceptable. 🙂



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