Rhea Footwear: A Parent’s Necessity

I am super excited to share about my new favorite shoes! Rhea Footwear has created shoes that are not only fashionable and comfortable and safe on all surfaces. Every shoe that Rhea Footwear makes features their  superior grip technology thanks to a patented micro-channel tread pattern that offers the highest friction while pushing out moisture.

Rhea Footwear

I can tell you, with all the summer time we have been having, these Rhea Footwear shoes are perfect and safe to wear while chasing little ones on the pool deck and wet patios.


Check out the details of Rhea Footwear’s Non-slip Technology


Check out my sandals here!

Not only are their sandals perfect for summer, but their boots are also perfect for winter and snowy days. All of Rhea Footwear shoes are made with premium materials including leather and suede.

Check out their awesome selection for men AND women!

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