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Recess DSM

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 Written by Annie Brees

Recess is an event inspired by your favorite games from the playground and P.E. class. My partner, Amy Dix, and I believe that play shouldn’t end when you grow up. Adults can benefit from playtime just like kids can. Let’s be honest…adults easily get too wrapped up in our incredibly hectic lives and we forget to have fun once in awhile. How many times has a parent do we say to our kids, “Go play!” in attempt to encourage them to burn off steam yet never provide ourselves the same opportunity!

Amy and I are both certified personal trainers, but we don’t think of Recess as just a workout. Although it is exercise, our primary focus is to provide adults an opportunity to let loose, be social, and have fun. Just like on the playground, Recess can be a great opportunity to make new friends, share laughs, and relax.

After a proper warmup, we will spend the next 45(ish) minutes playing traditional games with modern twist. Think variations of tag, relay races, and team games. This class is all about the participants so if there is a game you’d like to try- share it with us and we’ll be happy to do our best to accommodate.

This event is for all fitness levels. Recess is all inclusive, so don’t worry if you weren’t captain of the basketball team. If you want to (safely) channel your inner sixth grade dodge ball champion self, go for it. If you’d rather pick and choose which games you join in, that’s cool too. Whatever brings you the most joy.

The social time doesn’t end once we leave the field though. Everyone is invited to continue the fun at a local establishment (location TBD) afterwards for beverages.

We plan to hold Recess on a monthly basis but I’m sure Amy and I could be talked into more frequent events if an interest demands.

Event Details: Be sure to follow us at www.facebook.com/RecessDSM for updates and details.

First Recess Event! 
When: Sunday June 7th 4pm weather permitting (Because indoor recess is no fun)
Location: UPDATED: Roosevelt High School Front Lawn (on Polk Blvd)
Cost: $5, cash only please
What to bring: Water, Tennis shoes, arrive a little early to sign forms
Bring a friend (or five) We all know Recess is more fun with friends!

RSVP to Recess via our link on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/458052647687638/
If you don’t have Facebook feel free to RSVP to Annie.Brees@hotmail.com

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