Pumping Up Game Night!

Pumping Up Game Night!

Adding challenges can help develop the mental skills necessary for your child to be successful in school. Here are some quick tips to help zip up some regular old games.

  • Add a metronome beat and choose a number to count to while doing the activity. If you choose ten, the decision must be made by ten.  (60 – 108 is a good range for the metronome)
  • To really make it a brain exercise, use the metronome and count as above while making a decision, but also add another dynamic (say a rhyming word, say a word that’s in a particular category, etc.) that must be made by ten.
  • Change the number to count to – a lower number will make it more difficult, a higher one a bit easier.
    • Adjust the number for different player’s abilities, of course!
  • These additions will increase processing speed, short term memory, reasoning, attention; all excellent skills necessary for efficient learning.

Tic Tac Toe:

  • Use a metronome.   Make your mark every 4th beat, then every 3rd, then every other.
  •  Draw a grid, but number it from the upper left corner 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9.   Lose the pencil and call out the number of where you want your mark to be.  Both players benefit by having to remember what places have been chose.   Excellent for short term memory.
  • When you get good with that, add the metronome and proceed as in the first example.


  • Again, add the metronome.  This time, the player must count to ten, on beat, while deciding what card to play.


  • Add the metronome as above.
  • Add counting as with Uno.
  • Add counting and say a rhyming word as you make your move.  Or say a word that goes in a certain category (say something that is green, a fruit, that you wear, EG.)


LearningRx is happy to give you a list of “smart” games, as well as share a downloadable link to a gift pack of mental exercises.

We will also have a Smart Toy Box Giveaway in December for one lucky family. Sign up at nancy.pim@learningrx.net (just enter your phone number and put “enter me in the contest” in the subject line and we’ll take care of the rest.  Drawing will be on December 15.

Additionally, a great gift to give is the Gift of LearningRx brain training assessments.  Assessments are discounted this month to $99 (regular price is $199) and include a free follow up consultation.   We have some great ways to try Brain Training – ask when you sign up for an assessment.  515-224-4819


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