Potty Training Essential: Charmin Essential Strong!

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As a mom of two young kiddos who are in the process of potty training, good and strong toilet paper is necessary!

Charmin Essentials_ Strong!

Charmin Essentials are releasing two new great products which include: Charmin Essentials Soft and Charmin Essentials Strong. The new Charmin Essentials products are a great quality product and very comparable in price to many other leading brands.

I feel like we are always going through toilet paper these days, now that we have four people attempting to use the toilet, daily. Charmin Essentials Strong is not only strong, but WORKS too! You only need a little bit each trip to the bathroom. This saves us money in the long-run (unless your 2-year old gets a hold of a roll and decorates the bathroom!)

Charmin Essentials Strong is …

  • 3 times stronger when wet compared to other leading brands
  • Roto Rooter approved! (Roto Rooter may have made a few trips to our house in the past!)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

While using Charmin Essentials Strong, I am confident that my kiddos have a great product to help clean themselves after they use the bathroom. Not only is not having accidents a great success, but properly wiping is another huge win and Charmin Essentials makes this possible!

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