Party with GameTruck Des Moines

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Party with GameTruck Des Moines

Birthday parties can be stressful. Picking a theme, food, invites, and the biggest stressor of all … entertainment. A few months ago Monte came to me with the idea of having a Mario birthday party for his 8th birthday. As the words came out of his mouth, I knew who I was going to call, GameTruck Des Moines.

You may have seen GameTruck Des Moines rolling around the Des Moines area once or twice. A green pick-up truck with a giant trailer covered in some of your favorite video game characters. I had always been curious about how this worked. Do they really just roll up to your house, unlock the door and let the kids play video games for a few hours?

YES, yes they do!

In my mind, I went over the possibilities …

Have sixteen 8-year-old boys run around my home, while I tried to organize games and entertainment for two hours? OR order pizza and have GameTruck Des Moines handle the rest?

Obviously, it was an easy decision and one of the best birthday parties Monte has had. His words exactly.

Our certified GameCoach arrived at 6 p.m. shortly after the boys finished their pizza. After he was parked and had the generator going, he came in to chat with the boys. I loved this part, because he took initiative, laid down the rules to the truck, then let the boys run on out to play.

One nice thing about having a GameTruck party is no matter how hot or cold it may be in Iowa, the truck is heated or cooled. Even though it was a super cold evening, all the kids were comfortable playing in the GameTruck.

Everything within the truck is up to date, top-notch and they offer all the fun and current video games that your children will love to play. Not being a gamer … at all … I knew nothing. Our GameCoach was AMAZING at answering questions about how to play particular games, very patient and flexible when the kids wanted to switch games and stepped out the way once the kids got going.

On top of providing a huge catalog of games, a place to play the games and a personal GameCoach, they also have digital invites you can send out to your guests to invite them to the party! Also, After the night ended each child received a Nintendo card that could be taken home to load game points on their systems.

Monte had a wonderful evening celebrating turning 8 with his friends. We definitely will be inviting GameTruck Des Moines back for more fun entertainment in the future.

Additional Information

  • GameTruck Des Moines is $299 for 2 hours.
  • You can addon Fortnite for an additional $50
  • GameTruck Des Moines travels to several communities around the Des Moines area.
  • You can hire GameTruck for any event, not just a birthday party!


Website: https://www.gametruckparty.com/des-moines

Phone: (866) 253-3191

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GameTruckofIowa/


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