Parks & Recreation: Introducing Sports & Activities

Parks & Recreation: Introducing Sports & Activities

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Parks & Recreation: Introducing Sports & Activities

Sports can be time consuming and expensive. Not only does your child attend 1-2 practices per week, but then there is the game. There are uniforms, supplies, registration costs and more. How do you make sure your child is not overdoing it and is truly passionate about the sport and activity that you are investing in?

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I am a huge fan of programs that your local parks and recreation have to offer. Parks and recreation is a great place to begin to introduce any sport or activity to your child. Most parks and recreation programs have options for children 3 years and older and offer anything from soccer, flag football to karate, tumbling, dance and more.

Most sessions last about 6 to 8 weeks and are very inexpensive. This allows for your child to try several things, not just one sport or activity. At a young age, your child is more than likely going to be interested in several sports or activities. Allowing them to dip their toes into different options is a great way to try a sport and see if your child truly enjoys it.

Starting off with parks and recreation programs is also a great way to teach commitment to your child. It is very possible and very common that your child will beg to sign up for a sport and/or activity and then end up not liking it. If this happens, you can teach your child since they are now part of a team, they cannot just quit. They will need to stay committed for the next few weeks and they do not have to do it again. Luckily, with parks and recreation programs they are short-lived.

Parks and recreation programs sometimes are easily forgotten because there are many great programs offered all over. To save yourself time and money, start with baby steps and as your child grows to love one particular sport or activity, take that money you saved and invest in their passion.

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