Parents in Biz | One Marketing Tactic You Need For 2020

Parents in Biz | One Marketing Tactic You Need For 2020

The One Marketing Tactic You Need For 2020

The end of the year is always bittersweet.  It is usually a great time for reflection of your personal and business goals and the excitement begins to build for the new year.  A new year always seems to signify a fresh start, new beginnings and a chance to make changes in the way you show up for your life (and your business). 

I’m no different.  I have a few pounds I want to lose.  The desire to make healthier food choices for our family.  A little less screen time for my son. And of course, to figure out the secrets to running a profitable business with joy and balance.  

The new year also begins the onslaught of marketing tactics that should revolutionize your business in 2020.  Bring in more clients and more money in less time. After years in the business, I’ve come to find that there is no super-secret strategy that grows the money tree.  Instead, it is the careful implementation of proven tactics, consistency, and understanding what your audience wants and needs. For this reason, I wanted to share with you my main marketing focus for 2020 and why you should be implementing this strategy as well. 

Video is still gaining popularity and is quick and easy to execute.  Whether you use a webcam or your phone, don’t worry about having a super polished or produced clip.  Real and raw is totally acceptable these days!

Let me know in the comments… have you already started including video in your marketing plan?  Or what is one way you can start using video for your business in 2020?

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Hi!  I’m Katie Spellman, the one-woman show behind Revel and Grow.  I teach mama-owned businesses how to run self-managed Facebook and Instagram ads to increase their web traffic and grow their email list.  My handsome husband and I live in the rural area outside of Des Moines, with our 1-year-old son, Matthew and crazy chocolate lab, Penny. Like most 30-something women, I have a penchant for Target and Starbucks and oversized, cozy sweaters.  I don’t really believe in work-life “balance” but I do believe in work-life “integration”. I love helping women grow their own businesses through online marketing strategies. If you’re looking for more feedback on your business strategies, feel free to ask me inside my Facebook Group.  I host weekly office hours where I’ll answer all your marketing questions (and more)!

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