Parents in Biz | My 3 “Can’t Live Without” Business Tools

Parents in Biz | My 3 “Can’t Live Without” Business Tools

Parents on Biz | My 3 “Can’t Live Without” Business Tools

I’m a total software nerd.  I think in another life I should have been a computer programmer but alas, here I am with little-to-no coding knowledge growing a business in a tech-heavy world.

I love geeking out over new marketing tools.  Of course, every single one of them promises to simplify your business while making you a millionaire overnight.  I’m here to tell you (most of) those promises are false. I spend a lot of time (more time than I really should) testing out new systems, software, and platforms.  And I have 3 that have really stood the test of time and actually proven to benefit my business


Dubsado is a really slick client management tool.  I use it for both of my businesses for sending contracts (protect yourself yo’), invoicing, creating automated workflows to streamline my work and it integrates to my contact form on my website to bring leads in automatically.

Plus they have really amazing customer service, which, honestly, is hard to come by this day and age.


ConvertKit is an email service provider (aka ESP for those of us in the biz). 

Email isn’t dead!  Don’t let anyone tell you that it is.  Emailing your audience is one of the best ways to create a deeper connection with them AND email has much higher conversion rates than social media. 

What does that mean? 

It means if you are trying to sell something or get someone to book a call with you, etc they are more likely to do so from an email than they are from seeing an Instagram or Facebook post.

So if you aren’t already, get on the email train and use ConvertKit.  It really is a powerful but user-friendly tool (and trust I’ve tried them all…).


I love using Later!  Later is a social media planning platform that allows you to plan out your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter posts.

I have used everything from Hootsuite to Planoly to Buffer and hands down, Later beats them all.

Not planning out your social media content in advance?  You really should. It will allow you to be more strategic about your messaging and relieves you of the overwhelm of trying to do it every day, in real-time.

Bonus:  Caption This

I have to include CaptionThis as a bonus on this list.  It is a handy little video capturing tool.

Video is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our overall marketing strategy but if you’re like me, I NEVER have my sound on.  Captioning is essential so people (like me) don’t scroll on by. Caption This takes your video and automatically adds the captioning for you.  I love using it for Instagram Stories.

I’ve learned about most of these tools through recommendations from other entrepreneurs.  So tell me, what system or software makes your business easier?

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