Parents in Biz | How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Parents in Biz | How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Parents in Biz | How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Creating content is a big beast to tackle right?

Between blog posts, emails and daily social media posts, we are creating content like never before.  And if you’re anything like me, it can be totally overwhelming and/or exhausting at times. And more often than not, I end up staring at a blinking cursor wondering,

“What the heck should I write about?”

Today I am showing you my hack to never run out of content ideas again.

To recap the video:

1. Create your “My Five” categories

2. Pick a category topic and create a “HERO” post

3. Use tiny clips of content from your hero post for your weekly email and social media

Wash, rinse, repeat…  And enjoy the extra time you have knowing you have your content done and planned for the week.  (Want to know what I use for planning out the email and social media posts? Check out My 3 “Can’t Live Without” Business Tools.

Now it’s your turn. Take a minute and brainstorm your “my five” categories and share them below! 

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Hi!  I’m Katie Spellman, the one-woman show behind Revel and Grow.  I teach mama-owned businesses how to run self-managed Facebook and Instagram ads to increase their web traffic and grow their email list.  My handsome husband and I live in the rural area outside of Des Moines, with our 1-year-old son, Matthew and crazy chocolate lab, Penny. Like most 30-something women, I have a penchant for Target and Starbucks and oversized, cozy sweaters.  I don’t really believe in work-life “balance” but I do believe in work-life “integration”. I love helping women grow their own businesses through online marketing strategies. If you’re looking for more feedback on your business strategies, feel free to ask me inside my Facebook Group.  I host weekly office hours where I’ll answer all your marketing questions (and more)!

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