Orange Leaf + Orange Unicorn + Giveaway!

As you know we are huge fans of Orange Leaf! We have been spending a lot of our days enjoying fresh and yummy frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf.


Orange Leaf not only makes relish frozen yogurt, but they love to celebrate creativity, because of this they have launched an interactive coloring page that work with a free app! It is super easy to do:

  1. Download the FREE Pixelbug Colorbug App
  2. Collect a FREE stencil from your local Orange Leaf store or download one from here!
  3. Then, color the stencil however you like! Get creative!
  4. After you color, open your app
  5. Point the mobile device at the colored stencil
  6. Watch your Orange Unicorn come to life!


Give it a try and share your creations on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook and tag Orange Leaf or use the hashtag #BeOrange.

GUESS WHAT?!? We are also giving away a $25 Gift Card for Orange Leaf!

Enter Here!


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