New Preschool to offer High-Quality Early Learning for Children and Families in Urbandale

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New Preschool to offer High-Quality Early Learning for Children and Families in Urbandale

At the Primrose School of Urbandale, our staff aims to deliver the best and most trusted early education and care: The Balanced Learning® approach. As the name implies, “balance” is at the core of everything at the Primrose School of Urbandale: Balance between play and guidance from teachers, traditional early education methods and the latest research, and between different developmental areas. This research-informed balanced approach appeals to the several different learning styles of our youth and helps nurture the learning opportunities that occur in the first five years of development. The Primrose School of Urbandale is excited to welcome the Urbandale community to our family.  

With over 30 years of experience and more than 400 locations, Primrose families across the nation consistently see their children develop active minds, healthy bodies, and happy hearts across the country consistently tell the Primrose Schools that Balanced Learning® is the right foundation to build active minds,  healthy bodies, and happy hearts.  

The Primrose School of Urbandale joined the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce this September with a goal to increase awareness about what Primrose has to offer to all families in the community. “At Primrose, we strive to be a support system for all types of families. We understand that the early years for your children are incredibly joyful and can also be filled with uncertainty. By joining the Primrose family not only will you be provided an exceptional early-education and quality care, but also a peace of mind that your child is getting the best start possible to their future,” says Director Anissa Deay. In addition to the premier curriculum, Primrose School of Urbandale has placed enhanced health and safety protocols and equipment to ensure all children, staff, and families stay safe. 

The Primrose School of Urbandale is currently scheduling virtual tours for families who are interested in enrolling their children. Director Anissa Deay can be reached by phone at 515-201-5636, by email at director@primroseurbandale.com, or through their website at www.primroseurbandale.com.  

Contact Primrose School of Urbandale

Learn about the Primrose Schools Balanced Learning approach and Primrose School of Urbandale by visiting www.primroseurbandale.com or calling (515) 201-5636.


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  1. Increased vocabulary and other pre-literacy skills as well as the development of pre-math skills like counting, sorting and recognising patterns.

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