After a long day of playing parent the last thing I want to do is make dinner.  But at the same time the idea of packing up the kids in the minivan and eating out doesn’t sound like too much fun either.  So you could pop in the old standby of frozen pizza or you can try out this option for a healthy home made meal.  Might not be something you can do all the time, but once in a while give yourself a break.

The Grateful Chef, Brandy Lueders, prepares delicious, inventive and healthy home cooked meals weekly.  A new menu is created and published each Thursday and for your convenience, a menu with the food options is sent via email each week. Once you’ve decided what you would like, simply place your order by Monday at noon, either by replying to the menu email or purchasing through their website. Pickup for your order is on Wednesday evenings from 4:00 – 6:30 at their kitchen in the Historic Wallace House (Downtown Des Moines).

To be added to the weekly menu email, just send them a message with your information using the contact form here.  Also check out their Facebook page here.

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