Easy Money Savings Ideas For Your Family

Easy Money Savings Ideas For Your Family


A Continuation of my previous money saving activities – little and big changes add up when it comes to saving money!




  1. Avoid vending machines or anything that sells single servings of food or beverages. For example: at the deli counter at Hy-Vee you can purchase a made-to-order sandwich. Then they ask you if you want chips and a drink. SAY NO! These are fun-sized chips and a 12 ounce fountain pop. You’re already at Hy-Vee! If you really want that combo meal of a sandwich, chips and a pop, walk two aisles and pick up a regular sized bag of chips and a 12 pack of pop! It’s not like you have to make another trip to a different store do this.  The cost of that fun-sized bag of chips and your individual pop is astronomical in comparison to what you would pay for a whole bag of chips or a 12 pack of pop. Vending machines are another good example of wasted money. Sometimes I need an afternoon caffeine pick-me-up. Those 2:00 PM slumps can be brutal. Instead of spending $1.25 on a bottle of pop from the vending machine, I keep a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Coke at my desk. It might look a bit funny sitting on top of my file cabinet, but we’re saving money folks! Essentially for the cost of two vending machine pops, I bought an entire 12 pack of pop. Money saved!
    Vending Machine
    Stay Away!
  2. Say hello to the Target Red card! Last fall I got a Target (debit) card so I could save 5% on all of our purchases and get free shipping for any online purchases. I love seeing my total go down when I swipe my Target debit card. Yay – I saved money!
    Save 5% Everyday. Sign Me Up!

2b. That leads me to 2b in money saving activities. The easiest way to save money? Don’t go shopping. Stay away from those problematic stores. For me, that’s Target. I try and make a point to only go there once a week. Inevitably I get sucked into buying something that we didn’t really need but got it because it was marked down. Just like a recovering alcoholic avoids situations in which they might be tempted to have a drink, a recovering Target addict should avoid Target.

  1.  Limit credit card usage. We used to be the family who didn’t see a problem with using credit cards to pay for everything. We thought that we were using credit responsibly and beating the system because we would accumulate reward points and then pay our bill in full every month. But did you calculate the cost of your revolving debt and think about the fact that you are still borrowing money every month from the credit card company? Don’t get me wrong, we still keep a credit card for online purchases and a few other things, but for the most part we stick to cash. It’s much harder to part with my dollar bills than to imagine virtually my money slipping away.
    Credit Cards
    Time to Say Goodbye to the Credit Card?
These are just a couple more ways to keep more cash in your wallet. Stay tuned more for money saving tips.


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