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Monster Playdate

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Monster Playdate

Shouldn’t kids be scared of monsters?  On the contrary they seem to love them! Here are some great activities and ideas for your own Monster Playdate at home.

Monster hunt for Mike and Sully in dyed spaghetti – Hide figures in the noodles and let the kids dig around for them.

image_2 (2)


Make a monster craft (Materials we used: paper, tissue squares, sequins, eyes, buttons, yarn, feathers, and tiny pompoms. Don’t forget your glue!):


Read monster books while the kids play with some monster sensory items:


Monster squishy bag! Made with yellow food coloring, googly eyes, sequins and hair gel.


Monster snack: Cookie with M&Ms and large cut up marshmallows for mouth.


Monster Printables:

image (2)

Outdoor fun too.  Wash Away the Monster.  Just draw some monsters with chalk and give your kids water bottles or squirt guns to wash them away:



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