Meal Planning: Costco

Meal Planning: Costco

Here is our first segment for Meal Planning! Don’t forget if you have a store, service, or something else you want me to research and do a review on fill out the form here!

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Costco. It’s a little overwhelming and can be a bit of intimidating at first, but I love it. Everything is in bulk, they have organic options, the packaging of their items is helpful and so many more reasons! Again, remember I am here to tell you my experiences. This may not be the option for you, but you can read below and make that decision for yourself!

Being a Costco member costs $55 or $110 for the Executive Membership. With the Executive Membership you receive an annual 2% reward and other great benefits. Check here for even more details.

Being a childcare provider and having two young kids of my own, we make at least one big shopping trip a month to Costco. This is when we stock up on all our “basics”. Remember our basics, could be totally different compared to another family!

Here are some items I purchase each month:

  1. Kirkland Peanut Butter – Comes with 2 huge jars which actually last us about 2 months.
  2. Almond milk – 3 cartons in a case
  3. Brown organic eggs – 24 in a container
  4. Egg whites – 6-8 cartons in a case which usually lasts about 2 months. We make lots of veggie scrambles! 🙂
  5. Baybel cheese
  6. Sliced cheddar cheese
  7. Deli meat
  8. Shredded cheddar cheese – 2 huge bags
  9. Tortillas – 2 packages
  10. Chicken nuggets
  11. Black bean burgers
  12. Go-gurts
  13. Salmon burgers
  14. Nutri-grain bars – 3 boxes (24 ct) in a case
  15. Pretzel crisps
  16. Skinny popcorn
  17. Kashi granola bars
  18. Chicken breasts – these are packaged with 2 breasts in a package and there are 6 individual packages. This makes it super easy for freezing & thawing portion! AND they still taste amazing after being thawed!
  19. Whole chickens – 2 whole chickens in a package
  20. Ground turkey – these are individually packaged with about 1 lb in a package
  21. Canned black beans – 6 cans in a case
  22. Canned crushed tomatoes – 6 cans in a case
  23. Noodles! – 6 packages of fun shaped noodles in a case
  24. Grapes – we go through a LOT of grapes
  25. Bananas
  26. Baby spinach
  27. Bag of sweet potatoes – when in season
  28. Applesauce pouches
  29. Kerrygold butter
  30. Cinnamon – HUGE container, we go through a lot!
  31. Vanilla Extract – HUGE bottle, awesome deal if you bake a lot!

These are just a few of the items I always pick up, if we are out or running low. These are our “basics”. If I make recipes throughout the month it usually calls for something on this list (chicken breasts, black beans, Canned tomatoes, etc.) A lot of these items we use for everyday lunches & snacks for the kiddos too!

One of my other favorite things about Costco, is their unique and “different” products they may have each month. I will pick a few of these items up also for something different and quick to make for dinner.

  1. Butternut & Apple stuffed ravioli
  2. Kirkland pulled pork
  3. Veggie Patties
  4. Soups – Love these for lunch!
  5. Sweet potato cakes
  6. Chicken Sausage

Each month varies on how much we spend. We will spend anywhere from $175-$200. It really depends on what we are running low on. Sometimes we are good on our meat (which is a bulk of our cost) so I don’t need to buy any, which makes our total on the lower end. When budgeting each month for food, the majority of our budget goes to Costco. After our shopping trip, I don’t usually need to shop again for a couple of weeks. After the couple of weeks its usually $40-$60 at either Hy-Vee, Faraway, etc. for produce or other random necessities.

Another thing that makes bulk shopping easy for us is the storage room we have for these items. We have an extra refrigerator, freezer and shelving in our basement to store our extra items. Having room to store the extra items may be one of your main deciding factors on Costco. If you do not have the room to store and keep the extra food, it may not make it work it!

Please share YOUR thoughts about shopping at Costco!

  • Do you shop monthly, weekly, etc?
  • Do you feel you save money?
  • Is it worth it for you and your family?

Erin Huiatt

Erin is a reliable resource and stepping stone for women and families to find support and make connections within our community. She wants families to feel confident to reach out and ask for help and advice to get pointed in the right direction. She enjoys traveling and exploring with her two children in tow!

12 thoughts on “Meal Planning: Costco

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a really great detailed list. I love seeing what things you get there – some I hadn’t heard of. What do you do with your whole chickens?

  2. Thanks! I usually throw the whole chicken in the crockpot with several spices and veggies. There are tons of crockpot recipes online. Also, there is usually plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day and/or dinner.

  3. I miss going to Costco! I used to stock up on all these goodies and meal prep too! We moved far away from one, so I haven’t been in forever!

  4. It is a lifesaver in our family! Especially since I do childcare! We go through so much food!

  5. I have got to finally make the leap from Sam’s to Costco – everything sounds delish!

  6. I have a Costco membership which I use mostly for the gas benefits. I’m only one person and so sometimes it seems a bit ridiculous to go get my groceries there because how will I use up all that stuff before it goes bad or while still making sure I have room for other things in my fridge. With that said, there are definitely items that I would TOTALLY eat (hello BANANAS and SWEET POTATOES) so I should really just go and get my money’s worth!

  7. I love being able to stock up on stuff long term! Costco is awesome for that, especially with meat!

  8. I used to have a Costco membership, but I couldn’t decide if it was worth it since I”m just one person and I let it lapse. I really need to get into meal planning though.

  9. Yeah, sometimes the benefit for just one person is not really worth it. There are some items though, that you can buy in bulk and save money. If you eat them regularly.

  10. I love their chicken! I love the fact that you can freeze it, thaw it and it STILL tastes amazing!

  11. What are your thoughts on the differences? We uses to be Sams Club members and I was never impressed with their food. I love Costco!

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