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Coffee. As a parent it is a necessity in life! Good coffee is also extremely important and what is even better, when you know your drinking good coffee from a company that is also doing good for our planet. Lanna Coffee Co. is doing just that!

Lanna Coffee Co. Story

Knowing the story behind this amazing company is important. Lanna Coffee is direct trade, pesticide free and shade grown (coffee trees are grown under the canopy of the Thailand Forest which aids in a completely natural process from see until you take your first sip). The mission of Lanna Coffee is “to improve the quality of life for our farming communities in Northern Thailand”. Lanna’s job is to import, roast and distribute the coffee straight from Thailand.

How is it done? Lanna Coffee has partnered up with a nonprofit, Integrated Tribal Development Program. This program is Thailand based and has helped over 25 hill tribe villages to begin operating coffee farms which are owned entirely by the villagers of Thailand. They produce 250 million TONS annually and Lanna Coffee Co. gets first choice in selecting the best coffee to purchase and to sell to their buyers.

One Bag of Coffee

When you purchase just one bag, you money contributes to three different projects including clean water and sanitation, education, social development and health care and agriculture programs and micro-enterprising. Just ONE bag!

It Gets Better …

Are you wondering where you can buy your bag of coffee and help? It is delivered right your DOOR! Yes! As a parent, this is amazing. How many mornings have you awaken and wanted a cup of coffee, but you were out? That is an emergency and Lanna Coffee Co. not only wants to help Thailand, they want to make sure you are never without 🙂

Lanna Coffee Co. offers a subscription box and you can receive a free trial to test it out! You are able to skip shipments and cancel at anytime.

The Lanna Tribe (those who become members of the subscription service) can sign-up for a 12-oz bag, 2.2 lb bag or KUP to be delivered every 2 weeks or 4 weeks. You can also choose your roast! I chose to try the Honey Artisan and love it! The very base subscription is $14.99 per month and includes shipping fees.

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