Get Crafty with Kids Create in Des Moines

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Get Crafty with Kids Create in Des Moines

“Every Child is an Artist”. Every time I see this saying stretched across the wall in a home or a school hallway, I smile. What little Picasso doesn’t feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see their “masterpieces” on display for every passerby? Those big heads attached directly to two arms and two legs without any bodies. Mixtures of color splashed across every square inch of white. Carefully constructed shapes, lines, and figures. The creativity, imagination, story, and skill is loud and beautiful.

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While I greatly admire and appreciate the Arts; I, myself, am not a proclaimed artist. I am fully left-brain functioning, folks! But, with two young daughters in the house, I have still always tried to introduce some level of “arts n’ crafts” in our home. It required more intention and “borrowing” of other people’s ideas than I’d like to admit, but I truly am a believer that Art nurtures creativity, builds confidence, encourages perseverance & communication, and serves as a form of healing.

However, although inspiring and beneficial – can we agree that it’s so dang messy?! It doesn’t matter if it’s construction paper, play-doh, water paint, crayons or water wow; it manages to destroy everything in a 6-foot parameter. And, the patience. Why does it feel so trying to watch silently and peacefully as someone butchers, I mean, gives their personal creative flair to a project that is THEIRS?

Okay, maybe this is just me?

Either way, I can say I know of at least one person who this for sure isn’t. Let me introduce a true Artist Extraordinaire; Elizabeth Lyons. Elizabeth is the owner/operator of Kids Create. She offers exciting art classes in Polk City, Ankeny, Grimes, Huxley, Granger, and Madrid. She has a BA in Fine Arts from Iowa State University, an Art Education Endorsement from Concordia St. Paul, and a State of Iowa Teaching License. Other than the sheer jealousy I have of Elizabeth’s right brain; I admire everything about this woman & the private art classes she provides.  

All of the fun, the creativity, the passion, the imagination… and the mess & patience of Art … she embraces it all with such genuine heart and enthusiasm. Each class is assigned a certain “theme” and the ages for each class vary to include budding artists of every age group.

To date, my daughter has attended five of Miss Elizabeth’s private art classes. She has attended: Paint Your Pet, Super Heroes, Critter Class, Fantastic Felines and Mermaids. On January 19th in Polk City, both of my daughters will be attending the Dragons and Donuts Class. Each themed class focuses on specific age-appropriate art techniques & styles. They also typically include an additional activity, snack, and sometimes even…. wait for it … adorable baby animals! My daughters have snuggled goldendoodle puppies, kittens, hedgehogs, etc. I wonder if there will be a dragon at Saturday’s class?

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Elizabeth’s Kids Create page can be found on Facebook. Click the ‘events’ button or scroll through her feed to see upcoming classes and their descriptions. In each event, you’ll also see a link that directs you to a quick and easy registration form. Prices for the classes vary and all payments are accepted at the time of the class.

I can’t share enough how much our family has enjoyed Kids Create classes. My girls may inherit their momma’s inartistic bone, but I know that even if they do, they will have also inherited a joy and pride for creating something that is theirs. All wonderfully and uniquely theirs.

“Art is a place kids travel to where they feel good about themselves. Keep their passports current.”

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