Keeping Your Children Busy During Christmas

Keeping Your Children Busy During Christmas



Christmas time is filled with family gatherings, parties and Church.  But what about those down times?  How do you keep your young kiddo busy and not driving you crazy?  Here are a few ideas:

Do some Christmas Crafts.  Most kids love to make things, plus as a bonus it helps them develop fine motor skills.  Try some of these out.

Check out a movie.  Yes, some movie theaters are open, even on Christmas day.  For complete schedules visit here. Or enjoy some Christmas Classics at home.

Play some games!  A game of Candyland or Chutes and Ladders are always fun.  Break out out the old Twister board for some family fun.  Here are some great kids games to try out.

Play Outside in the Snow (If there is any this year).  Sure it may be cold, but suffer for a few minutes so you little one can have some fun.  Build a snowman, sled, or fill up spray bottles with colored water (a couple drops of food coloring mixed with water) and have them spray the snow. Here are 10 fun ice and snow activities you can try.

Too Cold to Play outside?  Check out these 25 indoor places that kids can have fun.

Whatever you end up doing, have fun, be safe and have a great Holiday season!


Thomas Brogan

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