Jester Park Equestrian Center: Tiny Tot Lessons

Jester Park Equestrian Center aims to create a fun, safe environment where anybody and everybody can learn a solid foundation of safety, confidence, and horse knowledge. A prime example of this is their Tiny Tots Program.
Tiny Tot Lessons are designed especially for younger riders ages 5-7, who are crazy about horses and ponies. The program is ultimately to prepare students to enter the Standard Lesson Program as they progress and eventually age out of the Tiny Tots Program at age 8.

Jester Park Equestrian Center prepares their students to have an understanding of how to properly groom, tack, and ride a horse or pony. This will assist them in developing an idea of what their long term goals are by the time they are ready to advance into the Standard Lessons Program.


Lessons are taught with an emphasis on safety for the students as well as their equine counterpart! Over a 6 week session, riders are seen learning horse behavior, how to sit correctly and command their horse from the saddle, as well as from the ground.


Lessons are individually catered towards each child’s abilities and attention span. Classes are kept small, with only two students to each class period-allowing for significant amounts of one-on-one attention from the instructor. Every student has an assistant leader that assists with facilitating and supervising the lessons.

Tiny Tots also hosts several day and multi day camps throughout the year. Each camp has a different theme which inspires various learning activities and games. Jester Park Equestrian Center is proud to encourage the next generation of young horse men and women and their passion for all aspects in the horse industry. 

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