Jellybeanstreet: Art For a Cause

Jellybeanstreet: Art For a Cause

Monte and I love to go on special “date nights”. It had been awhile since we had been on one so we decided to check out what a Jellybeanstreet Workshop was all about!

This workshop is so much more then just creating art. It is an hour long activity using different techniques, items, colors and more to create fun masterpieces. Our instructor and owner of Jellybeanstreet Iowa,  Stacey Schuurmann, was super interactive with the kids as well. She asked them what would happen if they combined certain colors, she demonstrated different paint strokes and more. It was also a very educational experience.

Monte worked hard using his paint and all of the supplies given to him to create unique pictures. At the workshop, your child is given large sheets of paper. They can paint and do whatever they wish on those papers. As a parent, you can help guide them and give different ideas of what to do. Your instructor will come around periodically to take the picture and give your child another blank sheet. Throughout the workshop, your instructor collects these pictures and sets them in a safe place to dry. She will then submit all of these papers to the graphic designer at Jellybeanstreet.

Monte created approximately 10 masterpieces and his favorite was when he got to splash the balloon on the paper to create a unique pattern.

Monte did not really understand why we were not taking the pictures home, but a few weeks later I was so excited to show him his final masterpieces!

Within a few weeks a graphic designer will send you mock-ups of what they have created from what your child painted at the workshop. It is really neat to see all of the strokes and different techniques combined on one painting. When you receive your mock-ups you have the opportunity to submit one change if you would like, such as a color change.

The artwork is then published on the website where people from all over the world have the chance to purchase. My favorite part of Jellybeanstreet is that 60% of the profits go to a non-profit of your child’s choosing. Not only are they learning and creating art, but they are also learning to give back to the community.

Monte decided he wanted to support the Des Moines Children’s Museum.

Interested in buying an original Montgomery and supporting the Des Moines Children’s Museum as well? Take a look at his masterpieces here. There are options for canvas or poster prints.

Sign-up for a workshop!

Jellybeanstreet Iowa offers workshops regularly. You can take a look at her schedule and book here. You can also set-up a special workshop at any time.


$30 per child (adult is free)

Additional $35 to have graphic designer.

Stay up to date!

Follow Jellybeanstreet Iowa on Facebook here to stay up to date with what workshops are coming up.

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    So neat! Thanks for sharing! He looks like he had a GREAT time!

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