Introducing Early Childhood Sports

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Introducing Early Childhood Sports

When Monte was about 3 years old I signed him up for the parks and recreation flag football program. I had been counting down the days to get him involved in sports. As a child, I loved being a part of a team and as a parent I have always wanted to make sure my children were active. Well, that failed miserably. He did not want to run around and just was not very interested.

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Thinking that maybe flag football was not his “thing”, the following spring I signed him up for the parks and recreation soccer program. Another fail. He did not like being hot and sweaty. Again, he just did not get the concept. Of course, there were many children Monte’s age that were interested and excited to play, but this was not our story.

When he was 4 years old he grew a huge interest in Ninjago and Power Rangers. We asked him if he was interested in trying karate. He was not really sure what that was, but we contacted a local karate studio, Dojo’s Martial Arts and signed him up for a trial class. He loved it! It took him some time to figure out what he needed to do, but the instructors were patient and worked with him twice a week. It was amazing how quickly he became more confident, focused and was excited to go each week.

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After a year of doing karate and receiving several new belts, I asked him if he would like to give flag football another chance. “Yes!” he said. So, I signed him up for the fall league and he rocked it! He was more focused, understood how to play with his team, and enjoyed running around. This past spring he gave soccer another chance. He loved it and was actually really good!

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I tell this story in hopes to connect with those parents who have signed their toddler up for a sport and they ended up showing no interest. Do not give up! Your local parks and recreation programs are a great place to start and introduce sports and activities to your child. You do not waste a bunch of money, they are laid back and mostly focused on basic fundamentals of the sport.

Karate ended up being our “light bulb” activity, but t-ball, soccer, tumbling, or dance could be your child’s light bulb activity. Give it time and don’t give up! Also, remember kids sports are supposed to be fun. If your child is not interested, do not pressure them. It may grow interest later down the road.

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