Inner Circle a Space For All

Inner Circle a Space For All

Hello from the Inner Circle! It has been nearly one year since we’ve launched the circle.  Inner Circle said HELLO to the world on March 8, 2019 – this also happens to be International Women’s Day.  Coincidence? Nope. We are Ciara Ladroma and Kari Tietjen – two women who took back our power to design our lives, to be selfish with our energy, to only lift women up and never down, and to be kind – especially to ourselves.

We started Inner Circle Co. with the idea of designing and selling custom made tees and apparel.  Apparel that read powerful statements to encourage conversation and thought into how we all go about our daily lives.  Then we quickly realized we hated being bogged down with inventory, tracking, shipping, etc. To this day, we still have our original statements – we’ve simply chosen a route that is more efficient for you and us! 

Now, amidst all of the time spent on our apparel – something incredible and STRONG formed without us fully recognizing what was happening.  Community. Kari and I were determined to create spaces where expectations were replaced with a value, trust, and time-well-spent activities. How did we do this? We simply asked one another, “OK – what do we want to do but never have or have been too nervous to try?” The list went on and on: spin class, pole dancing, dance class, Filipino kamayan meal, bonfires, horse therapy, CrossFit, vison boards, thrift shopping, group yoga, vulnerable conversations.  We made all of these happen by reaching out to local entrepreneurs and creating custom events for the inner circle! Just wait until you see the 2020 lineup … in February we’re partnering with your very own Erin Huiatt for our FIRST children’s event!

Here is the true magic about Inner Circle events: people show up merely because the activity intrigues them.  People make connections with others who do the same. Often times we hear, “This makes me pretty nervous but there’s no better group to do something new with than with your circle.” We absolutely agree.

Follow along with us as the circle grows.  We’re here to remind each other just how strong AF we are, to listen, and to be brave – together.  “You don’t fully understand what the inner circle is until you attend an event and spend time with them.  Then you know.” – We couldn’t have said it better.  

Our efforts are spent loving on our community and we will continue to do this as the circle grows statewide, nationwide, and has slowly reached international friends.  We have 3 efforts we focus on: women’s empowerment, animal rescue, and LGBTQ+. Portions of profits we make from apparel sales and events will be donated to champion organizations that align with our 3 efforts.  Together, we support our world to become a better place. 

So, if you haven’t joined us yet.  Please do! Read our stories, explore our website, and follow us on social media.  We will leave you with our mission: 

There’s something powerful that happens when you choose yourself.  We at Inner Circle Co. want to encourage you to be ambitious. To share your story. To speak your truth. 

All the love – Ciara & Kari

p.s. Welcome to the Inner Circle

Website: www.createyourinnercircle.com

Letter to Me: www.createyourinnercircle.com/letter-to-me

Instagram: @createyourinnercircle

Facebook: @createyourinnercircle or www.facebook.com/createyourinnercircle 


Erin Huiatt

Erin is a reliable resource and stepping stone for women and families to find support and make connections within our community. She wants families to feel confident to reach out and ask for help and advice to get pointed in the right direction. She enjoys traveling and exploring with her two children in tow!

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