Historic Dinners at Living History Farms

Looking for a fun and unique date night or a great gift idea for the upcoming holiday? Step back in time and experience a historic dinner at Living History Farms. There are three dinner options: 1900 Farm House Dinner, 1875 Tangen Home Dinner, and 1875 Flynn Mansion Dinner.


All food is prepared using authentic recipes from the respective time periods – much is cooked on a wood-burning stove. Each experience is actually dinner and a “show”, because our costumed historic interpreters are going to interact with you, explaining what it would have been like to have dined in each respective time period. The total time for a historic dinner is between 2 ½ and 3 hours. Each dinner seats 10-12 guests. You can make a reservation for 1 up to 12.

At the 1900 Farm House dinner, a horse-drawn wagon carries you to the farmhouse, where the smell of freshly baked rolls and hot cider welcomes you. Enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal by the warmth of the stove. You will be seated around the table with 10-12 guests and be served family style by our historical interpreters. Make room for dessert with a lantern-lit trip outside to our historic barn to visit our horses and other farm animals. Or stay inside and read the 1895 Montgomery Ward catalog. After your decadent dessert of homemade pie or cake, bundle up for the wagon ride back to your car.


The 1900 Farm menus can be found here: http://bit.ly/2dd09Oa. 1900 Farm Dinners are $60 per person and a discount is offered for Living History Farms members.

At the Tangen Home dinner, you will stroll along a lamp-lit boardwalk to the cozy 1875 Tangen House. Sip spiced punch next to the parlor fireplace while your host shares stories of Victorian life. Savor a multiple course meal in the refined dining room as historical interpreters serve dinner family style. After dinner, gather with fellow guests for lighthearted parlor games, such as a Victorian guessing game or “Hunt the Thimble.” Dessert follows, which is a homemade fancy cake with preserved fruit.


The Tangen Home menus can be found here: http://bit.ly/2djluF8. Tangen Dinners are $55 per person, with a discount offered to Living History Farms members.

At our Flynn Mansion dinners, offered only in March, you can take a seat in the elegant Flynn dining room and allow yourself to be waited on by servants in proper 1870s period clothing. Our dinner host will share stories of Des Moines society and Victorian entertaining as guests enjoy many courses presented in period style. Taste some of the unique staples of the Victorian meal, while kitchen staff provides insights into 19th century menu choices. After dinner, explore the house and enjoy an intimate look at this historic Italianate home built in 1870. This special edition historic dinner is only presented in March; make sure you are on the invited guest list!

The Flynn menu and courses can be found here: http://bit.ly/2ddiXNg

Flynn Dinners are $75 per person, with a discount for Living History Farms members.

Reservations for all historic dinners are required and taken online at www.lhf.org/dinners. The first person to book a 1900 Farm or Tangen dinner for a particular date gets to choose the main entrée.

IPTV featured our historic dinners in their Iowa Ingredient program: https://youtu.be/DGa9toa_M4Y

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