Himalayan Salt Lamp: Why Every Family Needs One

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You may have heard and have begun seeing the new trend of Himalayan salt lamps. They may look cool and fancy, but not only are their appearances fun they have some amazing benefits.

Himalayan SAlt Lamp 1

Some benefits include: 

  • It purifies the indoor air
  • Alleviates respiratory issues
  • Decreases allergy symptoms
  • Improves your mood!
  • Decreases depression
  • Creates better sleep
  • Decreases stress
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Supports your immune system

Why and how does a funky, little lamp provide so many great benefits?

Himalayan salt lamps are chiseled solid rocks and have a beautiful pinkish color due to the high concentration of minerals. In every room of your house, water vapor is circulating in your air that contains tons of dust, pollen, pet dander, allergens, viruses, and bacteria! This little lamps (or big) attracts water molecules from the air around where it sits. Once these nasty particles attract to the Himalayan salt lamp, they remain on the salt rock and do not continue to float around. As the Himalayan lamp slowly becomes saturated with the water vapour surrounding it, the heat, from the lamp underneath the rock, dries them. The heat from the Himalayan salt rock also releases water vapour back into the environment, but the nasty contaminants remain trapped in and on the salt lamp. Kinda fascinating, huh?
So Well Himalayan salt lights

Electromagnetic Radiation 

Another common benefit Himalayan salt lamps may help with is protect you from electromagnetic radiation. In today’s day and age, we are surrounded constantly by electromagnetic radiation including televisions, computers, phones, mobile devices, iPads, and so on. If you are in front of a computer all day, place a Himalayan salt lamp on your desk. Plug one in, in your family room too!

It is recommended to always keep a Himalayan salt lamp as close to you as possible, to receive the maximum benefits. I have placed mine on my nightstand and leave it on the majority of the day and night.

Himalayan salt lamps would make a great night light for your children’s rooms! Not only is it providing some light, but it is also providing great benefits to your children also.

Like with anything that claims to have so many wonderful benefits, there are studies all over the internet discussing whether Himalayan salt lamps work or not. My thought process? It does not hurt anything having them plugged in. They are beautiful, provide light, and if my family and I can receive some amazing benefits from these funky lamps, GREAT!

Where do I get MY Himalayan Salt Lamp?!

When purchasing your Himalayan salt lamp, you want to make sure you are purchasing an authentic Himalayan salt lamp. A lot of companies and manufacturers may sell “look-alikes” that actually are not a salt lamp, but look similar. You could purchase one of these for the coolness effect, but you definitely will not receive any of the benefits.

So Well has an extensive amount of different types and sizes of Himalayan salt lamps you can purchase. The one I have in my room is the USB Mini Himalayan Salt Lamp, which is perfect for my nightstand! Take a look at all of the great options here!

Amber Himalayan Salt Lamp Light -Small

They also have great deals if you purchase more than one at a time. This is a great option if you are wanting to put one in your child’s room, living room, office, etc. You can never have too many!

So Well hand made Himalayan salt lights


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