Healthy Lunches Made Easy

Healthy Lunches Made Easy

Back to school time can be really emotional as a parent. You feel excited.  You get some routine back in your life. You also feel exhausted. You have routine back in your life.  This leaves you with a lot to do.

Packing a school lunch that is healthy and that my kid will eat has been an issue since she started Kindergarten.  My little one is going into third grade and I think I finally found a solution that she and I both agree on. Read on, this could be a game-changer.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner, my main focus is to help the whole family get healthier. One of the simplest (although not always the easiest!) ways to get kids involved in eating better is to let them have some say in what goes on their plate and to go to the store with you.

Get Kids Involved

Make this fun!  Let your little one make a list of items they would like to see in their lunch.  Let them go wild! If they want candy and ice cream-let them list it.  

If possible, take your little one to the store. Let them be in charge of their list. Give them all the power. Or at least make them think they do.

Creative Lunch Boxes

When it comes to packing you can make lunches more fun by using a cook bento lunch box. The compartments are fun and it makes for a lot of variety. There are great ideas all over Pinterest on how to keep things interesting. Take a look with your child so they can think outside the box. While a pb&j is an easy option there are a lot healthier and fun options out there.

Lunch Station

You can also make a lunch station. You and your little one can pack fruit, veggies, cheese cubes, meat sticks and other options in individual baggies or containers and they can go in and choose 3 or 4 items. If you need more control you can pick the majority and let them have a choice of 1 or 2.

If you need more ideas on how to make lunchtime easier you can join me at my Gluten-Free Lunches Made Easy class at Natural Grocers on Saturday, September 14 at 12 p.m. You will get a glimpse of some great products and some fun ideas!

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Shaunna Maxwell is a nutritional therapy practitioner and the owner of Return To The Table.  Her goal is to help busy mamas and their families find their perfect version of health.

Check her out at www.returntothetablenutrition.com.


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